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Design Color

Design Color

How to use color to connect with your client throughout the sales process.

Color has a long and very pervasive impact on the history of interior design in the American marketplace. But, it has not been known as a sales tool, per se, but rather an important part of product branding, package design or simply graphic design for marketing and advertising. Nonetheless, the principles that are at work here are almost identical.

Let me explain, much of what you are about to read has been known by industry insiders for decades. However, this information has come to them at a hefty price, so they don’t always give the inside info away easily. The purpose of this article is to acquaint you with these ideas and to show you some of the ways they can work in a selling environment. Regardless of where the selling is being done, be it a showroom or a retail store or even someone’s home, the principles are the same.

Once you have learned and applied these principles, the connection to the client will be enhanced. By educating buyers, you will emerge as a color expert and will guide the client through the buying process. We all know that a savvy buyer is much easier to work with than a customer who is lacking in self-confidence. When you have the capacity to educate the client about their color options, the sale itself becomes more satisfying and profitable for both sides.

The first two principles are these.

  1. Color has a specific meaning and message.
  2. Color is our second visual language and goes straight to the emotions and unconscious mind of the viewer.

Remember the picture of that stripped dress that went viral? Nobody could agree which color it was, talk about striking a nerve. People were going crazy over that thing.

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